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Hans Seats

Hans Seats

Raceparts are proud to announce our new product - the HANS Seat.

HANS Seat is a simple, clean and professional way of fitting any driver into their car. We use a unique bead mix, slow cure resins and a vacuum to help the driver find their best seating position for performance, safety and comfort. Our sealed casting bag and valve method ensures trouble-free seat making!

With our worldwide name already established in motor racing safety the HANS Seat will bring extra benefits to every racing driver in any car. Our reputation is built on quality and unrivalled experience, which we are now proud to say extends to our HANS Seat, with our technical support staff having over 15 years experience in making and selling seats in every championship, such as F1, NASCAR, GP2, IRL, BTCC, NHRA, F3, USFF2000, World Series by Renault, in fact too many to mention here, but rest assured the HANS Seat is Racing's Best Seat.

We have a full range of HANS Seat Kits that will suit all cars and all budgets.


Hans Seat 25 Litre Kit  Hans Seat 30 Litre Kit  Hans Seat 40 Litre Kit

Hans Seat 50 Litre Kit  Hans Seat 70 Litre Kit  Hans Seat 80 Litre Kit